Congress: Alien Types


UFO/ET Congress – 4/24/2010
7:45pm: Joe Montaldo – “Types of Aliens and ET Contacts”

Joe Montaldo

Joe Montaldo

Montaldo from ICAR gave a very disjointed but intriguing look at the various types of aliens that humans have encountered over the years.  It was a fun session, probably best summed up with more bullet points.

  • Light Beings – Can move through time and space.  They are truly transformed aliens.  They’re the masters of the Greys.  Greys are more advanced than reptoids and humanoids.  Reptoids and the others get out of the way for the greys. The greys are in charge.
  • Three-foot tall Greys (Greys are not gray, they’re cobalt electric blue) – They absorb food in the form of blue plasma (not human body parts as has been speculated). They start out blue when they feed, then slowly fade to light blue, then almost a translucent color.
  • Short Greys (helpers) – Half alien/machine cyborg.
  • Greys are cartilage type creatures (not bone).
  • Greys, in fact, do have emotions but they’re just subdued.  They get angry.  They have a reward/punishment system.
  • Five-six ft Greys – Blue, white or  brown.  The keepers/middle guys.
  • Seven ft Greys – Get very mean.  Don’t cross them.  There is a caste system – the bigger ones are in charge.
  • Contactees are all empathic and most have advanced telepathic abilities
  • Greys haven’t hurt the planet, haven’t saved it either. They won’t intervene.
  • Ten to fifteen percent of the human race are being abducted.
  • Reptiods are actually amphibians.
  • The Map of the Creator was created 120 million years ago.
  • Amphibians are native.  We’re the intruders.  The amphibians are more likely native because they’re more suited for the planet (mostly water).
  • Humans are more suited for Mars several thousand years ago (same 24.5 hour cycle, 67 degree average temperature).
  • Abductions don’t stop, you just don’t remember them anymore.
  • Missing time doesn’t happen anymore.  They’ve evolved their methods.  Instead of cover memories, they use looped memories (making coffee, mowing the grass).

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