Congress: Avian Geoglyphs on Mars


UFO Congress: 04/25/2010
12:15pm: George Haas – “Avian Geoglyphs on Mars”

George Haas

George Haas

Haas founded the Cydonia Institute after becoming interested in the face on Mars.  His presentation is called Parrotopia and centers around a formation on Mars which resembles a parrot that is over a mile long.  The basic claim is that there is no way this shape could have occurred naturally, it must have been sculpted.  Of course the question becomes who created this and why?
Peruvian and American Indian cultures have both built cities in the shape of birds.  There are definitely formations near the bird on Mars that resemble the ruins of Dresden.

Now on to next presentation called The Cydonia Aviary. This area north of Cydonia contains tons of bird iconography.  Amazing imagery – the amount of which really makes it seem like more than mere coincidence.

A really great presentation.  You can pick his two books, The Cydonia Codex and The Martian Codex: More Reflections from Mars on Amazon.

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