Congress: Your Galactic Neighbors


UFO Congress: 04/25/2010
6:15pm: Mark Darling – “ Your Galactic Neighbors”

Mark Darling

Mark Darling

The guy who’s been running the sound all weekend is giving us a background on higher-dimensional beings.  Ten millions years ago, Earth was planet of peace, where many different races lived and worked together.  We were a legend across the universe, until evil forces put an end to that.  Blah, blah, blah – aquatic apes from Vega colonized Earth.  I guess.  Then there was a big galactic war and about a million years ago, planets were destroyed, including the one that now makes up the asteroid belt.

Again, how the fuck can people claim to know all this stuff as fact.  The “facts” tend to come from contactees, and “channelers.”  Which means it’s all based on one person’s ideas that people just interpret as the voice of higher beings.  So basically its just like any religion that’s thought up by man.  People make up stuff for fun, or because they’re crazy and other people take it as the truth.  It’s fun to listen to, but show me some kind of proof that doesn’t involve some loon vomiting out a crazy yarn with no basis in fact.

His presentation was rushed and a little all over the place, but it was entertaining.  It also served as the finale to the weekend as the Ramada kicked us out before the final film could begin.  It was an interesting time to be sure.  Were there any new scientific facts presented?  No.  There were definitely some topics worth exploring – and obviously we’re biased towards the more conspiracy/alien agenda angle, and less so towards channeling and healing – but it was still very fun.

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