X-Conference: A.J. Gevaerd


A.J. Gevaerd

A.J. Gevaerd

A. J. Gevaerd – A New World Power Emerges

Gevaerd hit the stage and reiterated the general theme of the conference – disclosure needs to happen.  Some countries have released official documents regarding UFOs.  For example, the Brazilian Air Force has released large amounts of data (roughly 5,000 pages).  While the French and British governments decided to release documents, the release from the Brazilians was generated by public demand and campaigning.  His talk will discuss how they went about this campaign.
Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) – founded in 1996.

The strategy: To select the best Brazilian UFO incidents in which military involvement is full document.

Case 1: Operation Saucer – 09/1997
The major known military operation worldwide designed to officially investigate UFO activity, that happened in the Amazon.

During four months the Brazilian Air Force registered UFOs in the jungle and an officer had a close encounter with an alien.

Fact 1: Thousand of contacts with UFOs
Fact 2: 500 photos and 16 hours of footage
Fact 3: Over 3,000 pages of documents
Fact 4: Hundred of victims and four deaths
Fact 5: A direct close encounter with an alien.

It’s implied that the U.S. took over operation saucer, or were in charge to some degree (didn’t exactly follow this).

Case 2: The “Official Brazilian UFO Night” – 05/19/1986
The major incident of a UFO flap in Brazil, when 21 spherical objects (100 meter diameter) pursued and also were pursued by 7 fighters Mirage and F-5 over Rio and Sao Paulo

The incident involved all levels of military and civilian authorities and set the country into maximum state of alert.

Fact 1: 21 UFOs detected by radar.
Fact 2: 3 Mirage and 4 F-5s start pursuit
Fact 3: High ranking officer witnessed the fleet
Fact 4: A minister goes to the TV networks
Fact 5: Revelations just recently released.  A general in charge of a major military installation during the flap, saw everything and finally spoke publicly for the first time last year.

Case 3: The Varginha Case – 01/20/1996
Brazilian best documented UFO crash and occupants retrieval of all times (perhaps worldwide).  However, an Army operation.

At least two creatures (of a total of probably seven) where captured, but the Army still keeps it all top secret.

Fact 1: The crash of a UFO is witnessed.
Fact 2: Between 5 and 7 beings observed.
Fact 3: 2 creatures were captured alive.
Fact 4: A soldier dies of a general infection
Fact 5: The Army forces its members to silence.

The creatures were described as small and skinny with brown skin, visible veins in their upper arms and shoulders as well as three protuberances on their skulls (not horns).

One of the soldiers that captured a creature died within three weeks of coming into contact with the alien.  He died of what is considered an ordinary infection that could normally be treated by readily available medicine.

The proceedings
To set off a public petition to the government to request freedom of information.  Use the law if necessary.

This was the start of the national campaign:

Phase 1 – Brazilian UFO Manifest – March 2004
Collection of signatures to be added to the petition and delivered to the federal authorities.  Over 70 thousand signatures were acquired.

This action ahd also the objective of establishing a conscience about UFOS and determining their major characteristics.

Truth 1: The UFO phenomena is real.
Truth 2: UFOs are of extraterrestrial nature.
Truth 3: The show continuous approach.
Truth 4: UFO activity is incessantly growing
Truth 5: It is about time for action.

Authorities to whom the petition was delivered on May 20, 2005

Target 1: President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva – He has interest by the subject but issued no comment.
Target 2: Minister of Defense Jose Alencar – It is unknown if he has interest by the subject.  No comments.
Target 3: Air Force commander Luiz Carlso Bueno – He is very interested by the subject and issued very positive comments.

During an official visit to the Air Force headquarters: A limited release of documents is initiated on May 20, 2005.

Results: Operation Saucer
Over 400 pages of documents and about 200 photos disclosed, but no footage at all.

Results: Official Night
Transcripts of radio conversations between pilots and towers and also some radar tapes.

Changing the strategy
What was predicted happened: the cover-up policy was maintained and we had to move to Phase 2 of the movement.

Phase 1: Brazilian UFO Manifest
The collection of signatures to be added to a petition intended to show the gravity of the UFO Phenomena to the authorities ended.

Classification Chart

Classification Chart

Phase 2: Brazilian UFO Dossier
It was issued an official request for the release of UFO documents using the Federal Act 11.111/2005.  Started December 2007.  This changed the classification of reports and how long they need to retain that classification.

The Committee of Inquiry and Analysis of Secret Information (CAAIS).

In this phase, one of the objectives was to seek support and participation of influent and recognized Brazilian military.

Support 1: Air Force Colonel
Support 2: Air Force Colonel
Support 3: Air Force General
Support 4: Air Force Colonel and Astronaut
Support 5: Air Force General

These people came forth to acknowledge the phenomena and support the movement for disclosure.

Because of this, hundreds of documents were declassified.  Thousands of pages and many photos were released as well.  Every day new documentation is being released (the government is dispersing the data by decade: so far the 40s through the 80s have been released.

In the declassified documents there is amazing info.  And in one of them, the conclusion about the UFO reality is very serious:

“…it is the conclusion of this command that the observed objects were solid and under control by some sort of intelligence because of their capacity of pursuing the fighter formation.”



Drawings of landed flying saucers with their crews made officially by the Brazilian Air Forces.

Is the cover-up policy maintained?
Despite all actions, the military state of mind is unaltered and governments still keep the most serious UFO data secret.

Declassification is for all society


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