X-Conference: Gary Heseltine


Gary Heseltine

Gary Heseltine

Gary Heseltine  – The History of British Police UFO Sighting

Heseltine started off with an important question: were are the young people?  The average age in the audience is obviously 50+ and his worry is who will carry the torch of UFO investigation moving forward.  (If you’re young and reading this – read more.  Learn how to do proper research.  Reach out to the authors of books you like.  It’s up to you to keep the movement alive – ed.)

Once into the meat of his presentation he started recounting the history of various UFO cases.  On Bentwaters – he believes it should be made into a feature film, not in the vein of Fire in the Sky which distorts the facts, but something honest.

He makes a repeated point that we can’t go for the throat when talking about the UFO question.  Immediately talking about abductions, mutilations, etc. will turn people off.

The major questions:

Is there the evidence for ET?

  • High calibre witness categories such as pilots, astronauts, radar operators and air traffic controllers, etc.

The circumstantial evidence case for ET

  • None of us have a physical craft to show you as proof
  • My basic definition – one piece of evidence on its own is not enough but taken together and if you have enough pieces of the jigsaw you can create a highly compelling picture of the truth.

Some of UFOs are real.

Heseltine began a database to track UFO sightings by police officers: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk

The police don’t tend to come forward because of the potential ridicule by the public and fellow officers AND the real risk of dismissal and loss of pension.  So the ones that do tend to more credible because the risk is high.

The oldest case in the database is from 1901 and there’s a large gap up until 1960 – but from then on it’s pretty consistent.  Definitely take a look at the database – very interesting cases.

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