X-Conference: George Knapp


George Knapp

George Knapp

George Knapp – My Adventures in Saucerland

Here’s why we’re fans of George Knapp around here – about 15 minutes into his presentation he starts spewing the truth: 95% of everything we come across in the UFO field is pure crap. Anyone can be UFOlogist – there’s no degree requirement; if you have a computer, you’re a researcher. And that’s not a good thing. Amen.

His take: the UFO field is full of mentally unstable people who are doing their best to damage the reputations of people who are actually interested in real investigative work (ed: some of them are at this conference!). He proceeds to give a handful of hilarious examples of “aliens” and “contactees” who have reached out to him through the years and are quite obviously insane. My favorite: “aliens told me to get breast implants.”

UFOs: The Best Evidence

UFOs: The Best Evidence

Other lessons he’s learned through the years:

There is proof – but it’s in the eye of the beholder. Eyewitness accounts: there are millions of stories going back thousands of years. Physical evidence: landing site trace evidence, photos and video. And obviously government documents exist.

There are credible people doing work. But not many of them.

People are too quick to jump to the conspiracy conclusion. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy – it’s as simple as people being too lazy to do the work.

Knapp was great, a really refreshing voice in the field. Be sure to check out the Knapp-produced documentary series, UFOs: The Best Evidence and his book Hunt for the Skinwalker.

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