X-Conference: George Noory


George Noory

George Noory

George Noory

Wow, Noory is such a genuinely, nice guy. His lunch-time presentation wasn’t on a specific topic but more of an overview of his time as host of Coast to Coast AM. He called C2C a godsend and announced that it’s now available on 544 radio stations and second only to Rush in syndicated ratings. He called Linda Moulton Howe and George Knapp out to thank them for their investigation skills. He views himself not as an investigator, but more of a producer, editor and facilitator.

He shared a list of five possibilities with regards to the UFOs.

  1. They’re all figments of our imagination. This has been ruled out.
  2. They’re governmental craft and technology. This is a part of it.
  3. They’re demonic. Can’t understand this.
  4. They’re dimensional. Highly likely.
  5. They’re interplanetary. Beings came her a long time ago. Maybe they even created us. But he’s sure, they don’t have the answers either and they’re just as frustrated as us.

Disclosure will come, eventually – but by whistle blowers, not the government itself.

He went on to answer questions, but essentially summed up his thoughts by saying, if Edgar Mitchell thinks there’s something to it, it’s worth looking at. Well played sir.

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