X-Conference: Richard Dolan


Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan – Exopolitics, Disclosure and the National Security State

Dolan took the stage and immediately welcomed the Internet to the ghetto.  His presentation centered around disclosure and chosen field, exopolitics.  He broke his presentations into several parts – some of which we’ll highlight after the jump.

Part 1 – The Military Problem

A Short List of Key UFO Documents:
These are military and government documents that Dolan feels presents significant proof that there is some kind of real UFO phenomenon going on.

  • 1947 Twining Memo – Three full pages where he stated the phenomenon was real and not fictitious.
  • 1949 FBI Memo.  UFOs “Top Secret”
  • 1950 Hanford AEC Document
  • 1952 CIA (Chadwell) Memo
  • 1953 Oak Ridge Memo
  • 1954 Maxwell AFB “Emergency Memo”
  • 1955 Pepperell AFB Radar-Visual UFO tracking
  • 1966 Minot AFB UFO Landing Memo
  • 1967 Malmstrom AFB Memo
  • 1969 Bollender Memo
  • 1975 NORAD and USAF UFO documents
  • 1976 DIA Memo (Iranian jet fighter incident)
  • 1978 State Dept. Memo of Bolivian UFO Crash
  • 1981 Halt Memo
  • 1990 DIA documents on Belgian UFO

Famous Sightings:

  • Washington, DC 2002 – Hundreds of people saw F-16s pursuing unknown craft over the region.  Some witnesses claim there were four gigantic objects chased by four jets.  Others later came forward to say it was just one object followed by one jet.
  • Stephenville, Texas 2008 – People saw an enormous object zooming over Stephenville and then just stopping on a dime.  There were FAA radar tapes available that said the object was heading directly towards George W. Bush’s Crawford Ranch.  Some people described it as an enormous flying Wal-Mart.  That thought chilled Dolan (and myself) to the core.

Dolan’s conjecture is that there is enough proof to at least say we are chasing these objects, not necessarily that they’re alien, but they are definitely objects up there.

Testimony of Alien Technology and Bodies
Over the years, several prominent scientists, politicians, military officials and even astronauts have come forward to confirm that there are active U.S. projects concerning alien technology and lifeforms, including:

  • Leonard Stringfield
  • Senator Barry Goldwater
  • Dr. Robert Sarbacher
  • Dr. Eric Walker
  • Ben Rich
  • Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Goldwater stated that when he attempted to get information from his friend Curtis LeMary – he was told never to ask about it again.   This is man who was a Colonel in the Air Force reserve and even ran for president.

Sarbacher admitted he was part of a committe to study this phenomenon.

Walker was a top defense scientist, later the president of Penn State.  He made comments that there were programs to study this phenomenon.

Rich – head of Lockheed’s Skunkworks made comments towards the end of his life admitting that programs existed.

Mitchell a man who walked on the moon was able to get contacts to confirm that there were several programs to study alien technologies and bodies

Crash Retrievals:  What to Do?
If you were Truman and you were told that there was a crash – what would you do?  Exactly what he did – form teams to study it secretly.

Who is in Control?

Who is in Control?

Who is in Control?
The President?

You can’t tell Congress.  You have to set up outside the current government structure.

Is the president in control, or is it he person who put you in office?  David Rockefeller was the kingmaker – he approved every president who was put into office.  You get made – at the Bilderberg Group.  It’s like the mafia.

Crash Retrievals – Going Private

  • The need to collaborate with private industry.
  • Requiring some form of sharing “ownership”.
  • Government dominated by industry and finance.
  • Advisors all in the Council on Foriegn Relations.
  • Helps with secrecy.
  • How to Pay for Research?
  • Money must remain hidden.
  • Requires diverting public funds covertly.
  • Additional secret private funds.
  • From where?
  • The UFO Secret: one of the main forces behind the creation of a black budget.

What’s This About?

  • Making UFOs
  • Studying alien bodies: conducting biotech research.
  • Developing a secret space program.
  • Using free money to conduct research.
  • Making money from acquired technology.
  • Hiding most of this from the military itself.
  • Using the military to protect “its stuff.”

Making UFOs

  • Jane Goodall, writer for Jane’s Defense, AWST.
  • Many 1st person interviews through the 1980s and early 1990s
  • At least 8 black programs flying out of Groom Lake (not counting the B-2, etc.) including  a silent flying triangled.
  • “Unconventional technologies in use.”

The Nellis UFO – Nov 1994

  • Inside Nellis Test range (leaked to Hard Copy)
  • About 15ft across and 9-10ft thick
  • Lowspeed of about 15-20mph
  • High speed of about 500 mph
  • Right angle turn at 140mph
  • Highly flexible – possibly shape shifting to some extent.
  • Object still not officially acknowledged
  • Non-radius turns
  • Changed shape

Secret Space Program

Is there one?  Gary McKinnon was looking for proof of a cover-up.  He was trying to peek at various agencies for seven years on and off.  On the U.S. Space Command site around November 2000 McKinnon finds:

List of names under the heading “Non-Terrestrial Officers” – however he can’t recall any of the actual names.
Finds a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers and ship names which don’t correspond to any U.S. Navy Ships (e.g. USS LeMay).

He was arrested in November 2002 but is still in danger of extradition to the U.S. where he would face imprisonment.

Video Clips of UFOs

STS-51a from November 1993

STS-48 from September 1991

STS-114 from August 2005

Event analyzed by Jeff Challender – www.projectprove.com
Appears to show object in space doing a U-turn.

Part 4: A Breakway Civilization

Runaway technological achievements = “Breakaway civilization”
Important point: some breakthroughs could be used for making money in private sector, but…
…others could be considered too important to release.  Or too dangerous?

Part 5 – Looking ahead

Breaking the Log-Jam of Truth

  • I believe the end of secrecy of UFOs will come within a generation, maybe sooner.
  • Pace of history is too fast.
  • We are not living in normal times.

Disclosure… or spin?

Will the end of secrecy come as a planned event… or…
as an emergency… a necessity?

In either case (but especially the latter) we can assume that there will be heavy spin.

Consider the longstanding interesting in UFOs by the intelligence community – and its need to manage that information.

Uncomfortable Questions

  • Confrontational relationship with “them”?
  • Explaining the illegal structure of secrecy.
  • What are the secret programs all about?
  • Understanding who “they” are.
  • Understanding their interest in us.
  • Challenges to the structure of power: politics, industry, legal, energy, finance, elite control.

Who are They?

Who are They?

Who Are They?

  • They could be one thing, or they could be many things.
  • Are we their investment?  Their property?
  • Grossly premature: assuming we can be “ambassadors” or they can be our mentors.

Technology is not going to solve social problems.  If we went back in time, could we be truthful with a medieval village (they’d never understand) – how could we understand what ETs tell us?  How much are they telling us?

Their Interest in Us

We are in the process of dramatic transformation:
From prehistoric man.
To the verge of leaping into their world.

What is Going On?

  • A fundamental question of Exopolitics.
  • Are they even extraterrestrial?
  • We must resolve what the abduction phenomenon means.
  • Important point: “They” are probably not truthful (Not necessarily bad).

What Might They Want?

  • Resources – minerals, water, DNA?
  • Creation of hybrids
  • Voyeurs of humanity?  Joyriders?
  • Helpers?
  • Is there a spiritual component?
  • If so, in what way?
  • Do they just… live here?

Where Are They?

  • In orbit?
  • Underground?
  • Under the sea?
  • Among us?

How to Move Forward

  • Freedom or Fascism?  Truth or fantasies?
  • The battle is being fought – now.
  • The end of our infrastructure.
  • Possible solutions in UFO technology.
  • Definite challenges in that technology.

What we need:
Reasoned, humanitarian policies by responsible leaders to bring about a peaceful transition and a courageous confrontation of the truth.

To Wit:

  • U.S. President must reclaim full constitutional authority in the name of the people of the U.S.
  • Enforce authority over runaway black budget operations.
  • Release individual from black-world ET related secret.s
  • Establish open, Internationale, collaboration on full array of politico-socio-economic-cultural-religious-etc issue, paying speical attnention to the problems of transitioning human society away form our petroleum based global economy
  • Promote federalized, global system NOT under corporate domination – and with a global “Bill of Rights”
  • Encourage a global culture that facilitates meeting the ET challenge.

How Would This Affect Us?

  • Energy: pros and cons.
  • Incorporation of other new technologies
  • (consider the instability caused by our won emergent technologies in telecommunications)
  • Changes to our global financial picture?
  • Changes in biotechnology – super longevity?
  • Necessity of creating a new political structure?
  • What might we learn form these “others”?
  • Anything to worry about from them?

Cautioning Against Utopia

  • “Free energy” or even “Free Green Energy” is not a panacea
  • Human energy consumption is the fundamental problem to the global ecosystem, even more than pollution.
  • The “Galactic Federation” will not save us. (this got chuckles, much to my delight).
  • Ascension into the next level of consciousness?

The problems we face – and the solutions we find – are going to be concrete.

And certainly very difficult.

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