X-Conference: Saturday Highlights



Despite all the technical difficulties that had the conference starting an hour late this morning and the clusterfuck at the banquet (too many people, or not enough food – the jury is still out), the 2010 X Conference had a great kick-off.  Richard Dolan had a wonderful presentation centered around exopolitics and disclosure.  He’s the type of speaker that really draws you in, but has sense enough to not claim omnipotence.  A lot of presenters at these conferences speak with such authority and claim to know exactly what’s going on, that the bullshit meter gets pegged immediately.  We don’t know all the facts – and that’s what makes this field of study so much fun.  Dolan recognizes that.  He combines what little facts we do have with what he thinks but leaves the conclusion open.  You can find copies of his books for sale in our Warehouse (check it out, and support the site!).

The day kept going strong with an excellent study of Martian Geoglyphs by George Haas and William Saunders – although they ran out of time before they were able to dive into the Aviary (which we covered at Bordentown).  They were followed by A. J. Gevaerd who showcased Brazil’s disclosure project – an amazing example of the power the public has to force a government to stop the silence.  The only presentation I really didn’t find appealing was actually the final one of the afternoon – Paul Stonehill.  I’m sure he had interesting information, but without any supporting audio-visual materials I tuned out.  Sorry Paul.

Tomorrow should prove to be interesting – it’s a very Coast To Coast AM kind of day with presentations from George Knapp, Linda Moulton Howe and the man himself, George Noory.  Come back here tomorrow for further updates.

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