X-Conference: Saturday Morning Opening

Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett took the stage about 90 minutes behind schedule due to some kind of issue with the live streaming (sorry Internet people – buy hey, Silo Depot is there for you).  In order to make up time, Bassett is dropping his presentation on Sunday and moving Gary Heseltine to his former slot.  Bassett’s remarks seem a little aggressive – probably due to the technical difficulties.  He’s talking about how the people who are here at the conference are in the UFO ghetto – no one wants to be seen with us.  But the pubic can watch the conference on the net, without having to be in public.  It’s an important point actually, and one we’ve made before here at the Depot – people won’t embrace this thing because it seems crazy.  If the streaming was working, they could watch from home without risking being seen or outed as a crazy.

E-mails aren’t getting through.  Is it an op?  Why isn’t the streaming working?  Is it an op?  Even the conspiracy conference is now wrapped in conspiracy.  Meta.

He’s offering to refund anyone’s money who is unsatisfied with the stream.

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