Apollo 11 Launch Slow Motion

Apollo 11 Launch

Apollo 11 Launch

Via Gizmodo: Check out this amazing look at the Apollo 11 launch.  People tend to focus on the technology around the Saturn V rocket but all the work that goes into the pad and the mobile launcher is just as amazing.  The video below is only focusing on the bottom of the pad and the fire trench.  It’s a really interesting piece of film, shot at 500 frames per second – so this eight minute video is only of a 30 second event (to see it in HD, be sure to visit Vimeo directly.  Video after the jump.

It’ll be interesting one day to see the historical footage and records of other species’ early spaceflights.  Did Greys start out with rockets?  What did their first anti-gravity device look like?  That would be an interesting academic field to be in – Alien History.

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