May 2 2010

Updated: Bordentown UFO Congress Galleries



We finally got around to uploading all the images we snagged at the Bordentown UFO Congress last weekend. They’re unprocessed, so there will be some color and focus problems, along with some duplicated shots – but that’s what the next button is for.

Individual posts will have updated slideshows, or you can view them all below after the jump.

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Apr 28 2010

Need a Bunker Buddy?

Vivos Bunker

Vivos Bunker. Photograph: Terra Vivos/Barcroft USA

Via The Observer: An American Company, Vivos has started building twenty bunkers spread out across the U.S. to allow up to 4,000 people to live for a year, underground. It’ll cost about $50,000 per person. But in addition to cash, you’ll need to submit to a screening test, presumably to determine if you’re worth saving when the world goes to pot. Video after the jump. Continue reading