May 8 2010

X-Conference: The Day Before Disclosure Documentary


The Day Before Disclosure – Premiere Showing

This year’s conference began with a speaker’s reception and cocktail party followed by a screening of the documentary, The Day Before Disclosure directed by Terje Toftenes.  After everyone was sufficiently lubricated at the open bar, Stephen Bassett stepped to the stage to welcome the audience and warn us all to stay in the building until Mercury comes out of retrograde.  Bassett was both funny and passionate with regards to his favorite topic, disclosure – which he believes will happen shortly.  Personally I’d be surprised if disclosure ever happens, let alone soon.  He went to describe a brief history of the National Press Club – the location of this year’s conference – highlighting world leaders who have spoken there and boasting that we’re making history by discussing the ET/UFO topic in the very same space. Continue reading